OTTAWA OUTDOOR FLOORING "Transforming Your Outdoor Space"
Condo rules? No problem.

Our floating floor installations are permitted under condo regulations

Installation of our flooring products requires no structural modifications to the existing space. The tiling systems are laid onto the surface without the use of nails, staples, or bonding.
Read the Condominium Act s.98(1)


Turn your balcony into a new luxury space.

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Ottawa Outdoor Flooring
Building Discount for Property Managers

Are you a property manager or building owner? Contact Ottawa Outdoor Flooring today at TEL N/A and ask about our building discount.

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A cost-effective outdoor flooring solution

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Clean Installation
Fully permitted under your condo's renovation regulations

Read the Condominium Act s.98(1)

Quick & Convenient
Fully installed around your schedule by our flooring experts

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Stop Walking
On Concrete

Purchasing a new floating floor for your condo's balcony is like creating an entirely new space for you to enjoy every day, rain or shine: stop walking on concrete.

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Ottawa Outdoor Flooring

The right solution for any small or large exterior project.